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Coaching Services

While Debbie specializes in Betrayal Trauma, Sex Addiction and couples in recovery, she is also qualified to work with anyone who wants help moving forward from a place of feeling stuck.

Introductory Session

Meet with Debbie, via phone or Zoom, for a thirty minute session to see if she is a good fit for you and to learn what coaching can do for you.

Coaching Ten Pack

Ten, One on One, one hour sessions with Debbie. This package offers you an additional discount over the six session package. You will be able to book future sessions with this package.

Coaching Single

This is a single, one hour session with Debbie. As with counseling, it is not typical to have a one and done session. For budgetary reasons, this offers a 'pay as you go' option.

Process Group

Beginning August 16th, join Debbie for a Processing Group. This is an opportunity to work on processing your pain, learn to grieve, and experience community. Cost is per month. Ongoing group.

Coaching Six Pack

Six, One on One, one hour sessions with Debbie. Your hourly rate is reduced when you purchase this package and allows you to book future sessions.

Couples Coaching

Having been trained using ERCEM by Carol Sheets, Debbie offers Couples Coaching that helps partners continue their healing and helps the spouse grow in empathy.


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